What is material?2019-11-13T03:15:58+00:00

A. Material is natural Plant Fiber like Bamboo Powder, Rice Hull, Wheat Bran &, etc.

Is the cup biodegradable ?2019-11-13T03:15:26+00:00

Yes, the cup is. It will biodegrade in landfill or if you dig it into your garden in 2-3 years. To speed this up, you can cut up the cup into small pieces. The silicone sleeve and lid may be recyclable depending on your local councils recycling policy.

Can I put my bamboo travel cup into the microwave?2019-11-13T03:14:16+00:00

A: No, please don’t! If you want to reheat a drink it’s best to transfer it to a ceramic cup first,
then pour it back into your eco cup and you’re good to go.

Why so few disposable cups recycled?2019-11-13T03:12:59+00:00

A: The majority of disposable cups used today are made from cardboard coated with
plastic film. The film needs to be removed before the pulp can be recycled. This
can only be done at a few specialized plants, so most end up in the landfill.

Why Bamboo?2019-11-13T03:10:39+00:00

A: Bamboo forms the basis of strong, tactile material for our cups.

The bamboo we use is actually a waste product from manufacturing items such as chopsticks, which is ground into powder before being mixed with food-safe melamine resin and pigments.

Bamboo itself has great eco-credentials. It’s a fast-growing grass, which grows densely with no need to add chemical fertilizers or pesticides or even water. It regrows quickly from the roots after harvesting. The root
network remains in situ, preventing soil erosion. Bamboo also absorbs four times more CO2 [62% vs 15%] than young trees, and produces a third [35%] more oxygen.

The bamboo used to make our cups is actually a waste product from manufacturing
items such as chopsticks

What is your sample delivery time?2019-11-13T03:07:34+00:00

1:if you need your own logo on the product. it needs 3 working days to prepare the logo model and 3-4 working days to delivery your country by express. after we receive your payment.

2:if you only need the product without your own logo on the cup. no color requirement. it needs 3-4 working days to your hands.

after we receive your payment.


3:if you need a special color. we need 3 days to prepare the product and send u need 3-4working days after we receive your payment.